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Protect yourself from the most deadly animal!

Samstag, 9. Mai 2020, 14:54 Uhr

Welches tödlichste Tier meint ihr?

Meint ihr den Menschen? Der ist in der Tat sehr tödlich, eigentlich für alles, was irgendwie lebt, und oft auch für seinesgleichen. Oder meint ihr die Mücken, die meiner Meinung nach ruhig mal jemand von diesen tödlichen Menschen ausrotten könnte, um sich gleichzeitig den Nobelpreis für Frieden und Medizin abzuholen. 🏅

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Ach so, es ist nur ein Überraschungsei in einer Spam. 🥚

Tja, ist schon schade, wenn das Mailpapier plötzlich alle ist und man gar nicht mehr schreiben kann, was man eigentlich vorgab, schreiben zu wollen. 📜

Und wenn man sich dann auch noch so viel Gedanken darum macht, wie man das höchst spamfilteraktivierende „Click here“ vermeidet und schließlich „Check it Out Here“ als Linktext verwendet, aber dann doch darunter „Click here“ schreibt. Aber man kann ja auch nicht immer Glück beim Denken haben. Vielleicht beim nächsten Mal. 🍀

Oh, da steht ja noch mehr. Mit einer Schriftgröße von einem Pixel, damit man es als Mensch gar nicht richtig lesen kann, aber als Spamfilter für „Inhalt“ halten soll:

Cardinal Pell: Poisoned power at the top The fierce backlash to Cardinal Pell’s conviction Why was Pell’s conviction kept secret? The long-running case has rocked the Catholic Church, where Pell had been one of the Pope’s most senior advisers For carbon rationing to work, everyone – especially the high emitters – have to be enrolled But in months like December, when it’s really dark, we just let the snow build up, as there isn’t enough daylight to warrant snow clearing Where the Lahti experiment focuses only on incentivising lower emissions, Hardy wants to see disincentives for individuals who over-emit In Lima, Peru, there is no shortage of water – if it can be successfully caught from the air (Credit: Getty Images) There are families that are cultivating figs, grapevines and olives, in places where you could never have imagined seeing crops – Abel Cruz In places where there was a lot of draughts, nowadays there is agriculture, says Cruz, who has founded an organisation to help supply water to desert communities in South America called Movimiento Peruanos Sin Agua (Movement of Peruvians without Water) Engineers who developed the new train, from the University of Birmingham and British rail company Porterbrook, wanted passengers to sit alongside the train’s hydrogen fuel cells As well as high costs, the challenge to the spread of e-rickshaws is the long refuelling time and the fear that one may suddenly run out of charge, says Chetan Maini, co-founder of SUN Mobility, a start-up that designs swappable batteries and is partnering with manufacturers across the country to deploy the technology In 2018, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission approved the first phase of review for the design But Azmi is hoping to inspire his community by proving that it is possible to farm on peatlands without setting fires It is something really mysterious and incredible, you can’t quite get your hands on it because actually it’s happening in your brain the whole time Our boss Deke Slayton had also smuggled three shots of brandy on board but we didn’t drink that, Borman says In it you can do anything you want; you can float in space, you can walk on the Moon, you can play golf (Credit: Getty Images) Life on Earth depends on cell membranes made of phospholipids: molecular chains with phosphorus-oxygen heads and carbon-chain tails that bind to each other to form a flexible membrane in water Polar base and snow (Credit: Esa) The isolation of polar settlements is a good stand-in for the isolation of long space voyages (Credit: Esa) It’s something that Gro Mjeldheim Sandal, a professor in psychosocial science at the University of Bergen, Norway, expected to find when studying the emotions of 27 people at the Concordia Station in Antarctica, where the mean temperature outside is -51°C (-60F), and access to the station is only possible from November to February Richard Hollingham By Richard Hollingham 11th November 2019 I In November 1969, just four months after men first set foot on the Moon, Nasa was ready to do it again There are some 96 bags of human waste on the Moon, left behind 50 years ago by the Apollo astronauts Since then, revenue at the Australian company has increased by 46%, and profits nearly tripled, says its CEO and founder Kath Blackham I’m not sure how a company necessarily would be able to justify the cost… other than that it has good optics for brand reputation and generating goodwill with departing employees, says Lorri Freifeld, editor-in-chief of Training Magazine That’s why, when the European Union introduced mandatory work and rest periods back in 2003, the Germans embraced the chance to enshrine their sacrosanct work-life balance in law If the individual’s social media account is open, they can be contacted directly Both men and women that use the subsidy reported more hours of earned income and took home an average of 19,000 kronor ($2,015) extra a year (Credit: Getty Images) He believes, however, that while other European countries have looked into introducing their own versions of subsidised cleaning, it is unlikely that any will follow in the footsteps of Sweden or Belgium, based on the long-term costs of these models A controversial concept But despite the positive impact for customers and cleaners, the tax deduction system is an ongoing source of national debate Having passion for one’s work is an experience with so much media hype around it, says Patricia Chen at the National University of Singapore

4471 spamprosaische Zeichen bedeutungslosen Sprachmülls – vom Papst, über Kohlendioxid, über Winterwetter, über Wassermangel, über Landwirtschaft in Peru, über die Eisenbahn, über batteriebetriebene Rikschas, über Moor, das man nicht abfackelt, über die Geschehnisse im Gehirne, über Branntwein, in dem man alles machen kann, über die Bedeutung semiperabler Membranen für das Leben, über das Siedeln in der Nähe der Pole zur Vorbereitung auf die Weltraumfahrt, über die Müllsäcke auf dem Mond, über Umsätze irgendwelcher Unternehmen, über den Einfluss der Bundesregierung auf europäische Gesetze zum Arbeitsschutz… ach, ich habe keine Lust mehr, das mechanodumm und spamwirr zusammenkopierte Gestammel zusammenzufassen! – in die dumme Drecksspam machen, damit sie besser durch den Spamfilter flutscht, nichts über den spamvermarkteten Müll schreiben, den ihr mit dieser Spam verkaufen wollt und der eigentlich die Hauptsache bei eure Spam sein sollte, aber „Click here“ reinschreiben! Die Frage, ob ihr Spammer auch ein Gehirn habt, kann vermutlich nur der Metzger beantworten. 🧠

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