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Tagesarchiv für den 21. Februar 2020

Dear Friend,

Freitag, 21. Februar 2020

Abt.: Ich kenne dich nicht, willst du ein paar Millionen?

Von: Mr. Jack Rufon <mr.jack.rufon2@gmail.com>

I have a business proposal in the tune of $10.5Million USD for you to handle with me. I have opportunity to transfer this abandon fund to your bank account in your country which belongs to our client.

I am inviting you in this transaction where this money can be shared between us at ratio of 60/40% and help the needy around us don’t be afraid of anything I am with you I will instruct you what you will do to maintain this fund.

Please kindly contact me with your information’s if you are interested in this transaction for more details.

Your Name:
Your Bank Name:
Your Account Number:
Your Telephone Number:
Your Country And Address:
Your Age And Sex:


Komm, Spammer, ein bisschen einfallsreicher kannst du schon werden, wenn du einen Vorschussbetrug einleiten willst!