Unser täglich Spam

Aus dem Internet frisch auf den Tisch. Köstlich und aromatisch.

Einmal die ganze Kollektion spammen

Donnerstag, 15. August 2013, 13:47 Uhr

Und hier der Kommentarspamdepp des Tages.

Solche „Kommentare“ wie der Folgende entstehen, wenn der Idiot sein Spamskript nicht testet, bevor er es aufs Internet loslässt – da kommt dann der ganze Schwall mit allen alternativen Formulierungen auf einmal:

{INDIANAPOLIS| Indiana| Downtown indiana| Indy| Downtown indy| Downtown indianapolis| Marion county| Hamilton} – {Officials| Authorities| Officers| Administra tors| Representatives| Reps| Police officers} {have| possess| have got| get| currently have| include| own| contain| now have| need| experience} {tightened| stiffened} {security for| to safeguard| to protect} #file_links\keywords1.txt,1,S] Sunday’s {Indianapolis| Indiana| Downtown indiana| Indy| Downtown indy| Downtown indianapolis| Marion county| Hamilton} {500| Five hundred| Five-hundred| 400| 600| 700| 5 hundred| 400-500| 550| 450| 1000}, {which| that| which usually| which in turn| which often| which will| in which| which unfortunately| of which| that will| which inturn} {typically| usually| generally| normally| comm only| ordinarily| traditionally| often| freque ntly| characteristically| in most cases} {draws| attracts| pulls| brings| takes in| forces| extracts| drags| gets| comes| attrac tion} {more than| a lot more than| greater than| over| in excess of| above| around| much more than| even more than| well over| beyond} {200| Two hundred| 2 hundred| 190| 250| 100| 180| 150| 300| 210| Two-hu ndred},{000| Thousand| 500| 1000} {spectators| fans| race fans| visitors| viewers}, {in response| in reaction| responding| in reply| reacting| in answer| as a result| replying| don’t know what| understand what greater evidence| individuals . „} {to the| towards the| for the| on the| to your| towards| into the| with the| in the| in to the| within the} {deadly| lethal| dangerous| fatal| perilous| to xic| unsafe| poisonous| mortal| critical| hazar dous} {Boston| Birkenstock boston| Celtics| Boston ma| Ma} {Marathon| Race| Convention| Gathering| Worksh op| Demonstration} bombings {last month| recently| a few weeks ago}. Oversize {drink| consume| beverage| ingest| take in| sip| enjoy| drink up| take| have| gulp} {coolers| chillers| fridges| refrigerators} {have been| happen to be| are already| are actually| have already been| are| were| have been completely| are generally| happen to have been| had been} {banned| prohibited| restricted| forbidden| su spended| banished| blocked| stopped| blacklist ed| disallowed| banned from the game}, {and a| along with a| plus a| as well as a| and also a| including a| in addition to a| together with a| and then a| along with| with a} {street| road| avenue| block| neighborhood| str eets| highway| path| st| lane| roads} {that| which| in which| that will| of which| this| which will| the fact that| which usually| who| which often} {runs| operates| works| goes| extends| flows| fu nctions| can run| carries on| performs| keeps going} {only a few| just a few| only some| just one or two| not many| not very many| few| only one or two| just a couple| just several| several} {yards| back yards| meters| metres| lawns| gardens| feets| me asures| showrooms| grounds| front yards} {behind| at the rear of| powering| guiding| driving| regarding| asso ciated with| right behind| in back of| lurking behind| pertaining to} {the| the actual| the particular| your| this| a| any| typically the| all the| that| all of the} grandstands {on the| around the| about the| for the| within the| to the| over the| in the| at the| relating to the| on your} {front| entrance| top| the front| front side| entry| prominent| leading| forward| face| facade} {straightaway| immediately| right away| instantly} {of the| from the| with the| in the| on the| of your| within the| belonging to the| for the| of this| of one’s} {Indianapolis| Indiana| Downtown indiana| Indy| Downtown indy| Downtown indianapolis| Marion county| Hamilton} {Motor| Engine| Electric motor| Generator| Powerplant| Motor unit| Continuous-duty motor| Serp| Continuous motor| Car| Serps} Speedway {will be| is going to be| will probably be| will likely be| are going to be| might be| shall be| can be| could be| will undoubtedly be| would be} {closed| shut| sealed| shut down| closed down| finished| not open| enclosed| closed up| made| filled}, {track| monitor| observe| course| keep track of| trail| path| record| watch| road| trace} {spokesman| spokesperson} {D| Deb| N| Deborah| Chemical| Debbie| H| G| In| T| And} #file_links\keywords5.txt,1,S] oug Boles {said| stated| mentioned| explained| claimed| r eported| proclaimed| says| suggested| pointed out| talked about} {Friday| Fri| Comes to an end| Feb 5th| Exclusive| Saturday| Ending friday| Wednesday| Thursday| Tuesday| Monday}. Spectators‘ {coolers| chillers| fridges| refrigerators} {will be| is going to be| will probably be| will likely be| are going to be| might be| shall be| can be| could be| will undoubtedly be| would be} {checked| examined| checked out| looked at| tested| inspected| reviewed| seen| verified | looked| analyzed} {at the| in the| on the| with the| for the| within the| along at the| around the| from the| inside the| along the} {gate| entrance| door| gateway| checkpoint| gat es} {and if| and when| of course, if| if| in case| and in case| just in case| when| and whenever| incase| considering that} {they‘re| they are| they may be| these are| they can be| there‘re| they really are| they are really| they‘re just| they are surely| they might be} {too big| too large}, „they‘re {going to be| likely to be| gonna be| destined to be| usually| will be| probably going to be| just going to be| only going to be| going to| still} {asked| requested| questioned| inquired| expec ted| enquired| required| quizzed| sought after| wanted to know| instructed} #file_links\keywords2.txt,1,S] {to take| to consider| to adopt| to look at| for taking| to use| to have| taking| to try| to take the| to bring} {it| this| that| the idea| the item| them| it all| the application| it again| the software| doing it} {back to| to| returning to| time for| back in| here we are at| into| in to| back up in| straight back to| oh no-} {#| Number} #file_links\keywords3.txt,1,S] file_links\keywords4.txt,1,s] {their| their own| their particular| his or her| the| its| their very own| ones own| his or her’s| his / her| your} {cars| vehicles| automobiles| autos| cars and trucks| motors| motor vehicles| passenger cars| trucks| cars or trucks| new or used cars},{“| Inch| Inches| In .| In| “| Half inch| Centimeter| | Ins| Within} {he said| he explained| he was quoted saying| he stated}.

Ich mag es so sehr, da muss ich gleich mal zum Facebook klicken...

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